Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

Create and/or upload your Lesson Plans to help ensure that your students and families stay up to date with what is being learned both in and out of the classroom.



Assign homework to your students right in the system to help with easy tracking and grading! No more “lost homework” for your students, plus parents can see if anything is late.



Upload documents to help students with homework, or pass along information. They can even be set to only show for parents, so now no harm in providing answer keys!



Not only can you add individual items to a student’s agenda, but ClassReach will also include lesson plan and homework items. Your students can see it all in one view!

How does ClassReach benefit Teachers?

Saving Time and Resources

There is nothing that the people of ClassReach believe in more than the education of students. Our top priority is that both administrators and teachers can worry less about data upkeep and “behind the scenes” work and more about interacting with and educating their students. A teacher’s time and energy is one of the most valuable and important things to a student’s educational experience.

We have the goal of creating a system the helps teachers be as efficient as possible. No more calculating of grades, no more searching for those assignments you printed out last week, no more sifting through papers to find the contact information for a student’s guardian. With ClassReach all of these things can be at the tip of your fingers!

Grade A

Record Keeping

Let ClassReach help you track all of your students’ progress. From customizable Gradebooks that allow for letter grades, number grades and comments, to attendance tracking and conduct marking. ClassReach allows you to tell it how you’d like to track and we take it from there!


Communication Tools

Need to contact a student about an assignment? Send them a message right from your dashboard! Need to alert all of your classes that the test is being moved? Just type in the course name and send a mass message, right from your dashboard! Need to make a call to a guardian? Grab their contact information, right from your dashboard!

Tracking and Storing

Year to Year Data

Have lesson plans or homeworks that you use every year? With our Data Copier, you will never again have to recreate what you’ve already done. With a couple clicks of your mouse you can easily move your data from one term to the next, or even between your classes!

Ready to Get Started with ClassReach?

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For further information about the ClassReach system, refer to https://classreach.com/support

FAQs about ClassReach Teacher Tools

Can I customize my gradebook with ClassReach?

Yes! ClassReach gradebooks can be set at the admin level or by the teacher. You can determine Grading Categories and their weights, Grading Scale, as well as Grade Mapping. You can also choose to hide or show different aspects of your gradebook.

We have homeschool days, can ClassReach help keep guardians up to date on what the student should be working on?

Yes! ClassReach has many different tools that can be utilized to help keep a teacher/co-teacher relationship going smooth. Our Agenda allows for an easy, organized view of everything going on, including lessons and tasks.

Can we have multiple teachers for a single section?

Of course! ClassReach has no limit to how many teachers or students are assigned to a section.

Can I enter grades online?

Yes! With ClassReach’s online gradebook you can not only enter grades, but you can also set up custom grading calculation parameters!

Can I enter grades without students seeing them right away?

Yes! When creating new grades in your gradebook, you can set if the grade should be visible to students or not, you can also unhide them with a quick click of a button when you are ready to release them.