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Tuition Invoicing and Parent Portals

ClassReach offers simple solutions that allow school registrars and office managers the ability to 

  • Set up financial assistance for tuition payments and student scholarships 
  • Post tuition invoices to the parent portal with ease 
  • Accept payments online for applications, field trips, hot lunches, and school enrollment 
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Financial invoicing simplified

Online Tuition Management System that offers full-service options for school office managers, registrars, and parents all in one easy-to-use invoicing software solution! 


Compact Invoice Management Software 

Financial Customers

Compact Invoice Management Software 


Compact Invoice Management Software 

Transaction Details

Compact Invoice Management Software 

Invoicing Tools

Choose the invoice tools that your school needs to minimize your registrar and office manager’s workload.

  • Financial Agreements 
  • Financial Batch uploads using CSV templates 
  • Single transaction creations 
  • Configurable account categories 
  • Configurable account payment plans
  • Online Payment processing through Stripe Integration for ACH Withdrawals and Credit/Debit Card Transactions
  • Cash, check, and miscellaneous payment recording options 

Parent Portal

Parents can log in to their very own portal to access full financial information in the same place as all their other student-related data like grades, attendance, and coursework.

Parents will see:

  • Invoices 
  • Alerts about upcoming payments 
  • Agreements waiting for signatures
  • Payment forms – such as hot lunch, spirit wear, and field trips 

Parents can choose payment plans created by the administrator and apply for financial aid or tuition assistance based on criteria set by the school office manager or registrar. 

Tuition Assistance

ClassReach provides a powerful forms creator that allows admins to easily create forms for assessing a student’s need for tuition assistance or financial aid.  

  • Add workflows to the form to involve multiple admins in the tuition management process.
  • Link fields to the user profile forms for automated data entry.
  • Run reports on responses to help in the determination of the financial aid process. 

Financial Agreements

Financial Agreements allow schools to create legally binding tuition agreements with timestamped signatures.

Easy creation includes: 

  • Fee Rules by course, user, or family
  • Discount Rules with percentages, flat rates, and caps
  • Single-click agreement creation
  • Professionally designed and printable agreements 
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What is a student billing software and is it necessary for my school?

Student billing software is a must-have solution for schools of all sizes. Tracking invoicing, payments, financial aid, scholarships, and tuition assistance in spreadsheets or worse – sticky notes can lead to annoying clerical errors that are difficult to resolve. 

Getting started with student billing software allows schools to share information about tuition billing and invoicing within the software program with both office management and parents through an online portal. 

How does a school determine the amount of financial assistance to provide for a student?

Schools can provide financial assistance to families based on several factors: 

  • Discounts in the form of employment benefits 
  • Discounts in exchange for volunteer hours
  • Needs Based Financial aid based on an application in which annual income and other criteria are used to determine eligibility 
How do schools recoup the cost associated with payment processing fees?

Sometimes there are fees associated with certain transactions within a financial billing software. Some services charge extra fees for the financial module all together. This type of cost can add up quickly. 

ClassReach offers the financial suite at no additional cost to its schools. The financial suite includes access to invoicing tools, payment enabling on forms, acceptance and records of payments that are processed in the school’s office through check, cash, or other means. 

For convenience, ClassReach partners with Stripe to provide ACH withdrawals and Debit/Credit Card payments. These transactions have minimal fees associated with them. ClassReach provides the option to have the fees school-absorbed or customer-absorbed. Many schools pass these fees along to their families in the form of convenience or finance fees or even roll the cost into their annual tuition costs. 

A ClassReach sales professional can give you additional details and ideas about how our schools are minimizing their costs!