Transform your teaching experience with a powerful and user-friendly Learning Management System. ClassReach is a web-based software designed to help your students reach their academic goals and streamline educator workflows.

Take education to the next level with LMS Features that improve academic outcomes!

Learning Management System Gradebook and Discussions
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What are the features of a  LEARNING MANAGEMENT System?

A Learning Management System (LMS) like ClassReach encompasses various functions and features designed to streamline the educational process and enhance the learning experience for your students. 

Here are the most popular features of the ClassReach LMS:

  • Attendance Tracking.
  • Homework Assignment.
  • Teacher Tools.
  • Lesson Planning Tools.
  • Gradebook Software.
  • Classroom Discussions.

One of the standout features of the ClassReach LMS is its provision of guardian access. We understand the pivotal role guardians play in a student's academic journey. Our LMS platform allows guardians to stay connected to their student's educational progress, assignments, and performance making ClassReach the best LMS for students.




The Gradebook                 

The grade book feature provides insights into learner progress, course content performance, and student outcomes. Analyze student data by section or by the student. ClassReach delivers easy-to-use tools built around the teacher and the learning experience for your students.

As an educator, you can:

  • Grade course material.
  • Display student grades to guardians.
  • Observe learner progress.
  • Examine student statistics.
  • Monitor student performance
The Classroom Gradebook Feature



LMS Attendance Tracking Feature

With this LMS Feature, you can advance the relationship between class attendance and learner engagement! Take advantage of an organized student attendance tracking system and discover an efficient way to manage student participation.

With the attendance management feature, you can utilize:

  • Flexible attendance settings.
  • Guardian accessibility tools.
  • Student information auto-fill.



Encourage communication and critical thinking by creating meaningful discussions within your course content. The Learning Management System discussion feature gives schools a new avenue for communication within a blended learning environment or during online learning. 

Discussions allow you to:

  • Create classroom events.
  • Inspire social learning.
  • Create student interaction.
  • Reflect on assigned learning content.
  • Post-thought-provoking questions.
ClassReach Course Discussions

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Teacher Tools        

The ClassReach Data Copier

Using a Learning Management System or LMS solution with educator tools helps simplify the administrative environment by optimizing workflows and creating time to ensure students are on the best learning path for academic success. The data copier feature in the ClassReach Learning Management System helps educators reuse section materials and most importantly save time! 

With this feature teachers can configure and transfer:

  • Handouts.
  • Lesson plans.
  • Course resources.
  • Agenda and Task Items.


Lesson Plans            

Use an LMS system to ensure everyone is on the same page and set the semester’s tone with a structured and organized schedule for online courses. Allow teachers to provide guardians and students with a simple view of day-to-day learning content. 


Lesson Plans allow teachers to: 

  • Organize course content.
  • Update parents.
  • Motivate students.
  • Encourage communication.
Image of ClassReach LMS Lesson Plans



Homework Creation Feature

Offer your students the opportunity to review grades from online courses and grant parents a chance to see their child's growth over the semester with the mobile learning management homework feature. 

Establish a learning platform like no other with:

  • Assignment messaging.
  • Student submissions button.
  • Automatic grade-book creation.
  • Guardian access.

Image Of Student Management System


Discover our Student Information Features 

ClassReach is more than a Learning Management System! Explore our diverse and comprehensive software with the next feature. The ClassReach Student Information System.



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