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ClassReach School Management Software

Welcome to ClassReach, where education meets efficiency and innovation.

Our comprehensive suite of solutions is designed to empower schools with the perfect blend of tools, enabling seamless administrative processes and elevating the teaching and learning experience.

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Learning Management Software


The ClassReach classroom management software is designed to streamline and enhance the teaching and learning experience.

With an array of powerful features, our software empowers educators and students alike, fostering a dynamic and efficient educational environment.

Below are some features we know your teachers will love!

Gradebook 🡆

Easily view data by section or student, including grade statistic graphs and distribution charts. 

Teacher Tools 🡆

Customize course resources, access student rosters, and conveniently view teacher agendas and schedules. Transfer lesson plans and handouts effortlessly with the data copier. 

Attendance 🡆

Mark attendance with configurable and color-coded markings, and make the process a breeze with the auto-fill feature. 


Organize plans seamlessly, assist students with task management, and provide guardians with a simple view of day-to-day learning activities.


Engage students by planning parties, reflecting on assigned readings, and facilitating question posts.


Reduce teacher workload with automatic gradebook creation, enable student submissions, and record grades effortlessly.



School Management Software

School Management System

Introducing our comprehensive and feature-rich School Management Software, a powerful platform designed to cater to all your school's administrative needs.

With a user-friendly interface and a suite of innovative tools, our software is built to enhance efficiency and collaboration across your entire school community.

Our School Management Solution is built by schools for schools! Administrators explore efficient and effective tools like:

User Portals 🡆

Empower users with multiple roles to access their personalized portals using a single login and password. Easily toggle between roles without the need to log out, ensuring seamless navigation and productivity. 


Effortlessly create and manage events for specific roles, sections, or your entire school. Our calendar feature allows you to print and share schedules with ease, ensuring everyone stays informed and organized.

School Documents

Upload files, set visibility permissions, and organize documents into folders, enabling easy access and efficient organization.

Forms Creator 🡆

Simplify form creation with our intuitive drag-and-drop design. Customize forms with various fields, including payment-enabled options. Share them with users and guests, streamlining data collection.

Messaging 🡆

Ensuring the utmost security, our Messaging feature utilizes a name database and default messaging groups for administrators and teachers. Stay connected and foster effective communication within your school community.


Communicate important updates and announcements effortlessly using our powerful announcements tool. Reach out to your entire school community or specific groups, ensuring vital information is promptly delivered and received.





Student Information Software

Student Information System

Welcome to our advanced Student Information Software, a versatile and user-friendly platform designed to streamline administrative processes and elevate the efficiency of your school.

Our comprehensive suite of features empowers school administrators and registrars, allowing them to focus on what truly matters: fostering a conducive environment for growth in education.

Online Applications

Simplify the admissions process with our highly configurable Online Application feature. Designed to reduce data entry workloads for registrars, our application system ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for prospective students and their families.

Schoolwide Schedule

Our Schedule feature provides printable schedules for both teachers and students, ensuring easy access to essential information. Administrators can quickly identify and resolve scheduling conflicts, ensuring a smooth and efficient school calendar.


Effortlessly manage courses and their associated settings with our user-friendly Coursebook feature. With its simple design, administrators can navigate and oversee courses with ease, seamlessly switching between years using our data copier.

Financial Suite 🡆

Experience comprehensive and secure financial management with our Financial Suite. This feature enables administrators to effortlessly bill for all school-related needs and produce financial agreements with just one click, simplifying the accounting process.

Transcripts 🡆

Our Transcripts feature boasts a professional template with a configurable footer, allowing for a polished and tailored representation of student academic records. Administrators can efficiently record and display courses for transfer students, GPAs, and custom grade markings.

Reports 🡆

Access the data you need in readable formats with our Reports feature. Whether default or custom templates, administrators have multiple options for downloading and utilizing data to make informed decisions and optimize school operations.


Data Analytics

Say Hello to ClassReach Analytics, your gateway to unlocking unparalleled insights for your school.

Dive deep into your data with our comprehensive reports and dynamic visualizations, empowering you to make well-informed decisions that drive success. Uncover hidden patterns, effortlessly analyze them, and take decisive action to elevate your school to new heights. 

ClassReach Analytics offers two powerful features for schools

Admin Analytics

The administrator analytics tool enables gathering, analyzing, and interpreting valuable data with comprehensive visualizations. Administrators and teachers can make data-driven decisions using in-depth insights from user-friendly reports. 

Financial Analytics

With the finance analytics tool, administrators gain insights into their school's financial performance.  Analyze key financial metrics like invoicing and tuition status, accounts receivable statistics, and more! 


School Management Guide


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Dive into our extensive collection of guides covering a wide array of topics, providing in-depth insights and practical advice. 

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ClassReach is a unique blend of Features

What is a Learning Management System?

Learning Management System or LMS refers to software solutions that are designed to help instructors manage education coursework online.

Our LMS solutions are built to strengthen the relationship between the home and school to ensure students achieve maximum success.

ClassReach provides guardian access and overviews to each course the student is enrolled in, effectively increasing communication between the teacher, guardian, and student.

With ClassReach, teachers can easily create and share task, assignments, lesson plans, homework, and handouts.  

There are too many features to write them all down.  We suggest you read more here: learn about our LMS solutions or request a demo here.

What is a Student Information System?

Student Information System or SIS refers to software solutions that are designed to ensure schools keep track of student related data in a safe, reliable way.

Our SIS solutions are built with a variety of goals in mind: 

  • Reliable Records Management
  • Powerful Reporting and Transcripts
  • Intuitive Admissions Management
  • Simple and Robust Billing and Payments

ClassReach provides tools that are accessible to admins, teachers, guardians, and students.

We also ensure that the tools are integrated with one another to prevent double data entry because your time better spent discipling your students!

Click here to learn more about our SIS features or request a demo to see them for your self!

What is a School Management System?

School Management System or SMS refers to software solutions that are designed to help administrators build community and increase communication.

Our SMS solutions are built to allow flexibility to administrators as you know your community best!

ClassReach provides a variety of ways to communicate with families and teachers, with each tool being configurable by role.

With ClassReach, admins can choose who sees which features and when they are seen.

These simple, intuitive features are a must see: learn about our SMS solutions here or request a demo here.

What are the differences between a SIS, LMS, and SMS?

SIS - Student Information Systems hold the bulk of data that is used to follow a student during their educational journey.  This data includes student rosters, student schedules, classroom grades, class attendance, and grade reports, including transcripts.

LMS - Learning Management Systems give educational institutions the ability to create and share course content with students.  This includes online lesson plans, student agendas, assignment creation, and course discussion features.

SMS - School Management Systems combine the key components of student information systems and learning management systems with critical school communication tools such as announcements, calendar, and messaging.

Check out the Ultimate Guide to School Management Systems!