Attendance Tracking

automate student attendance tracking

Your classroom isn't complete without the ClassReach attendance tracker.

  • Record Attendance in Real Time
  • Configure Markings and Notification Settings
  • Viewable by Guardians, Teachers, and Admins
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Powerful Attendance Tracking


Monitor student attendance with ease!

Monitor student attendance with ease!

Monitor student attendance with ease!

Custom Attendance Markings

Monitor student attendance with ease!

Registrars enjoy the ease and configurability of ClassReach's Attendance Tracking Tools:

  • Configure School Wide Settings, including color coding
  • Group markings by course or day
  • Automate guardian alerts for specific settings.
  • Override teacher markings when necessary.
  • Run custom reports on all attendance markings.

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Record class attendance on your mobile device!

  • Utilize the auto-fill feature
  • View individual student's class attendance calendar
  • Attendance counter tracks total attendance per student on the class roster

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Partner with your school by monitoring your child's attendance from your guardian portal!

  • Track your student's class attendance from any mobile device
  • Real-time access and updates
  • Set notifications for specific and multiple times daily.

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