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Experience firsthand how ClassReach can revolutionize your school's administration with our complimentary demo! Bring your entire team along for this immersive experience tailored just for your school. Our sales staff of seasoned education experts is ready to dive into the specifics of your school's requirements and unveil the benefits of our innovative school management software.

School Software Demo

Your personalized virtual demo includes: 

  • Full access to each user role and portal, customized to meet your needs
  • 30-day access to explore the full demo account
  • A deep dive into robust tools and features that set us apart

Enhance your administrative capabilities. Schedule your unique virtual demo with us today!


Let us show you why ClassReach is the best school management software for your school!

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Knowledgeable in the fields of technology and education

At ClassReach, many of our team members were users of our comprehensive school software before joining us! We value having experts in both technology and education on our team. With prior experience as school administrators, our sales experts bring a unique perspective to the virtual demo and are ready to address all your inquiries.

For sales team members who may not have been school administrators before, we offer comprehensive training on the software, as well as the valuable insights gained from our schools who use our product regularly. Our sales team is committed to kickstarting your journey towards exceptional service with an outstanding product.


Collaborative teams

Working together to ensure your success!

Our dedicated sales team carefully uncovers and understands the unique needs of your school throughout the demo phase. We provide tailored school management system solutions to fulfill your needs and assist in crafting the implementation strategy for your school. Your valuable feedback is shared with our product team and used in creating our future roadmap, ensuring continuous product improvement. By collaborating intentionally, our teams strive to guarantee the success and satisfaction of your school with ClassReach!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a demo last?

We offer access to a demo account for 30 days for prospective schools.  This access provides a login and password to a mock account where schools can play with the system and input dummy data.

Your School can test the full set of features in the demo site, including administrative tasks, classroom management, and financial management tools.

Explore school management features such as:

We also offer a virtual demo presentation where a knowledgeable sales team member will take the time to learn about your school's specific operational needs and offer unique feature suggestions for your school administration.  During the virtual demo, we'll give you a complete tour of our comprehensive school management system and answer any questions you have.

Our sales team is able to provide a quote for your school at the conclusion of the virtual demo presentation.   Virtual demo presentations last anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes depending on the amount of questions your school has and the number of people in attendance.

Can multiple people attend the demo?

Yes, we encourage your school administration to bring your team with you to the virtual demo presentation so that you can ask diverse questions about our solutions.

Our experience has been that each member of your team holds a key perspective to determining how ClassReach can best help reach the goals of your school!

Some people who have attended previous virtual demo presentations have been: 

  • Heads of Schools / Directors
  • Teachers
  • Board Members
  • Registrars
  • Presidents / CEOs
  • Volunteer Parents
  • Pastors
  • Department Heads
  • Other School Leaders

Whether you're attending your demo alone or with your team, we are excited to explore how ClassReach can partner with your school!

Can I test the ClassReach app for mobile users?

ClassReach is a web based school management system with a highly responsive mobile design.  This means you can access our school software from any device anywhere with an internet connection.  There is no app download required!

Many of our users log in using their mobile devices.  This is especially useful for teachers taking attendance and grades during class time.

We also offer a downloadable app for notification purposes.  The app provides easy access to your data and links you to the full website application.

You may use the login credentials provided by your sales team member to login to the ClassReach app and begin experiencing the notification.  Since notifications are only generated from activity in the site, it is best to try one of the following tasks to trigger a notification:

  • Add a grade to a student in your family (can be done as a teacher or admin).
  • Create a task or agenda item
  • Add a calendar event
  • Create an announcement

Remember, your sales team member can assist you in testing out these features and more!

Why is ClassReach the best school management software?

ClassReach is the best school management software on the market because it has been designed by schools for schools!

At every step of the design stage, our sales teams, product teams, and support teams work together to understand the needs of our schools and prospective schools.  We utilize the information we learn about schools to create stories that impact how we design our software and which features we prioritize.

We offer relevant school software solutions that meet real needs and have been articulated by school administrators, teachers, guardians, and students at K 12 schools, trade schools, and more.

Our Schools Say:

  • "We love the basic setup of CR, and we appreciate the various options we’re given to customize what’s best for our families."
  • "I like Classreach because the support and behind-the-scenes work that is going on to continually improve Classreach is trustworthy. The support is ongoing, kind, informational, and consistent."
  • "ClassReach is an amazing product and has been good for our school. Every time I have a question or run into an issue, they are quick to help me and get it fixed if need be."
  • "This has been a great blessing. We have been given excellent customer service, and will continue to use ClassReach as our school grows."

ClassReach is designed to be a comprehensive school software that meets the needs of your school operations from application to graduation.

How long does it take to set up my new ClassReach Account?

Our implementation team works hand in hand with each school to ensure that your data is migrated properly and your software is configured to meet your school's unique design.

Many factors including age of the school and the admin's familiarity with education technology can impact the length of time needed to be fully configured.

Our sales professionals can help determine a specific timeline for your school!  Want to know more about how to get set up?

Submit a request Above!