Tired of administrative headaches? Embrace a new era in school data management with the ClassReach Student Information System.

Why Choose ClassReach?

Our dynamic suite of features is designed to:

  • Modernize data storage,
  • Elevate financial management, and
  • Revolutionize student progress tracking.

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Efficiency and Time Savings:

  • Streamline and automate various administrative tasks effortlessly.
  • Liberate valuable time for administrators to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Amplify overall operational efficiency for a smoother workflow.

Data Integrity:

  • Empower educational institutions with robust security measures for data integrity.
  • Focus on your core mission of providing quality education by eliminating unnecessary operational burdens.
Mobile-Friendly Access:

ClassReach goes beyond time-saving; it revolutionizes the administrative landscape, allowing educators to thrive by optimizing data integrity and resource utilization.



Use ClassReach to minimize the registrar’s data entry workload and prevent clerical errors. Users are automatically created upon application approval. 

  • Application Management: Simplify decision-making with tools to approve, deny, hold, or revise applications.
  • Payment Integration: Enhance convenience by accepting payments at the time of application, streamlining financial transactions.
  • Communication Efficiency: Provide prompt confirmations to pending applicants, fostering clear communication.

Quick-tip: Having a user-friendly admissions system is essential for optimizing your administrative processes.

Application Management-1




Transform your course registration process into a strategic advantage! Unlock the full potential of efficiency and collaboration among guardians, students, and teachers with our specialized features.

Discover Invaluable Advantages:

  • Conflict Resolution Mastery: Identify and eliminate schedule conflicts effortlessly, ensuring a smooth enrollment journey for everyone involved.
  • Real-Time Student Tracking Power: Instantly locate students during a school day, optimizing monitoring and providing timely support.
  • Professional Scheduling Brilliance: Effortlessly print professional and informative schedules, elevating communication and organization.

Quick-tip: Beyond minimizing inconveniences, our student information system empowers you with strategic advantages, making your course registration process a seamless and value-driven experience for all stakeholders involved.



Empower your administrators and teachers with high-powered course and gradebook tools designed for flexibility, strengthening your school's course offerings and generating professional student progress reports seamlessly.

Give guardians and students access to: 

  •  Course Content 
  •  Built-in daily progress reports 
  •  Instant teacher messaging 

Quick-tip: Our high-powered SIS tools not only strengthen course offerings but also provide administrators and teachers with the flexibility needed to create professional student progress reports effortlessly.



Online Tuition Invoicing    


Utilize easy invoicing tools and empower your strategic financial plan. Parents can access and pay all within the same login they use to view student progress.  

The financial agreement feature allows admins to create invoices with a single click! 

Use the financial suite to: 

  • Accept cash, checks, ACH, and credit/debit card payments  
  • Create invoices for individual families or in bulk 
  • Set up payment plan options and automate recurring payment 

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Transcripts provide an academic record within the student database management system. Simple student transcript creation is a must-have feature! 

Transcript allows you to:  

  • Provide students with access to get transcripts online 
  • Configure transcript footer and course details 
  • Transfer course information from previously attended institutions 

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Powerful Reporting 


Generate reports using the data that is available within your ClassReach software. Use default reports or configure custom reports with our ad-hoc reports engine to fit the needs of your institution. 

Some report types include: 

  •  Grade and attendance reports 
  •  User and family reports 
  •  Financial reports 

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Frequently Asked Data Storage Questions 

How is the student data managed and backed up?

ClassReach is hosted in Microsoft Azure, with geo-redundant back-ups.

How quickly can the student information be accessed once it is inputted into the student database?
ClassReach has an uptime guarantee of 99.9%, allowing you to access your data anytime from anywhere.
Is data encrypted to protect my student's information?
ClassReach provides end to end encryption, in transit and at rest to ensure student data is fully protected.