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Looking for a more efficient way to streamline your administrative tasks? Our powerful web-based school management software provides innovative tools to help you manage everything in one place.

With features such as grade tracking, attendance records, the form creator, and more, you can focus on what matters most - educating your students.

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What are the advantages of using ClassReach as your school management system?

ClassReach facilitates the delivery of critical school data like events, grades, and attendance. Our School Management Software helps strengthen the bond between home, faculty, and institution.  

In addition to innovative management tools, ClassReach offers administrators access to a range of proactive solutions that contribute to the smooth operation of school systems.  

ClassReach's platform allows admins to easily create, monitor, and manage:  

• School Overview                      • Calendar
• Documents                             • Messaging
• Forms Creator                                                                             • Discussions 



School Overview       

Having access to school information has never been easier. Get a bird's eye view of how your school is structured, instantly upon login. 

Admins can view and manage:  

  • All Documentation 
  • Monthly Calendar   
  • School-wide announcements  

Discover a new way to manage your school with our free demo!  

School Overview


School Documents  


Maintaining a comprehensive file system within the school is crucial, to make sure all documents are in one place. Integrate a system where faculty members can easily access important information. 

Document tools include: 

  • Visibility settings 
  • Built-in messaging  
  • Customizable Folders 

Learn about a new way to structure your documentation with our free demo.


Forms Creator        

We are taking school forms to new heights to increase the level of communication between staff, guardians, and students. The forms can be customized and created according to your specific needs and requirements. 

With the help of the forms creator, you can:   

  • Create and share professional forms  
  • Build reports using form responses 
  • Enable payments and workflows 

Discover how we can help your school innovate forms with the form creator.

Form Creator




With the school-wide calendar, staff are given a whole new perspective on the concept of a schedule. With this tool, your team can evaluate the planned academic semester’s structure in a simple and intuitive manner.  

To ease your planning, The Calendar allows you to:  

  • Configure events 
  • Print and download 
  • Filter events  
  • View Monthly/Weekly 

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Easily communicate with your faculty and learn what teachers need with our effortless messaging system.  Our message copy feature keeps guardians informed about all messages sent to and from students. 

Using our direct and simple system, you can:  

  • Send, receive, and archive messages 
  • Use prebuilt groups or create your own 
  • Organize your inbox using labels and filters 

Explore messaging and other communication tools within ClassReach today!



School Discussions  

Schoolwide Discussions

Foster a culture of seamless communication and curiosity by creating meaningful discussions. School-wide discussions will improve the conversation between all participants and help them become better acquainted with your community.  

Discussion Tools Include:  

  • Visibility filter by roles 
  • Pinning and archiving 
  • Postdate filters and post counter 

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School Management System

  • School Overview
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  • Forms 
  • Calander
  • Messages
  • School Discussions

Student Information System

Learning Management System

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