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Your school doesn’t work the way it does by accident. That’s why we’ve designed the ClassReach features to work with schools of all types and sizes.

Here are just some of the ways ClassReach can be personalized to work well with your school:

Create your own forms:  Managing a school can mean a new challenge everyday. Prepare for any circumstance with ClassReach’s fully-customizable Form feature. With this tool you are able to generate a form for medical releases, project sign-ups, T-shirt sizes — you name it! Stay on top of any sign-up, check-in, or update with this easy to use and wildly helpful feature.


Custom printable reports:  With so many moving parts at your school, keeping track of it all can seem like an impossible task. With the help of our Custom Printable Reports that task has never been easier! Find metrics for attendance, grades, or even allergies. Whether you are looking for reports for your own records or to transfer to a parent, this easy to use feature has what you need.


Customizable grading periods/parameters:  With ClassReach you don’t have to grade like everyone else. If you would like to turn an “A” into an “Excellent” or a “C” into a “Need’s Work”, you have the freedom to do that! You also have the freedom to group grades however you see fit- by semester, month or year. Customizing grades is just one way ClassReach helps you run your classroom the way you want to.


Custom student information:  ClassReach is your one stop shop for student information. ClassReach automatically tracks any grade, attendance, and individualized fields for students. This great feature allows you to keep track of medical records, authorized pickups and more! Create new fields for things like nicknames or previous school records. This tool allows you to record important information about students all in one place.


Customized attendance / conduct markings:  ClassReach puts you in charge of your classroom by allowing you to customize attendance reporting and behavioral markups. Through this feature, you can easily note excused and unexcused absences, as well as tardiness. In addition, an administrator can create custom behavioral metrics school-wide, such as “Works well with others” or “Poor attitude”, to ensure all reporting is uniform and understandable.


In-house calendar events / tasks:  With the ClassReach calendar everyone in your school can easily stay on the same page. Keep up with school wide fundraisers, sports games or holidays with this easy to use feature. The calendar tool lets you create new events and edit them to specify who the event is visible to i.e., students, teachers and parents, to ensure that your event information is shared as efficiently as possible.

ClassReach Secondary Features

  • Agenda : ClassReach Agendas allows teachers to organize plans, helps students with easy task management, and provides guardians with an easy view of the day-to-day learning activities.
  • Course Registration: ClassReach makes registering a student for courses easy. Find what you need, all within the same program for easy access. We even set it up to help ensure that every student has a balanced schedule — awesome, right?
  • Messaging: Easily compose new messages to anyone in your school for simple communication. Messaging between teachers and students is easy and every message automatically copies the student’s parent.
  • Teacher Lesson Plans with Administrative Approval System: ClassReach allows teachers to get their lesson plans approved and working quickly. No more long, drawn-out waiting periods; get your lesson plans approved in a flash.
  • Homework and Handout Uploads for Courses: You no longer have to worry about students keeping track of their take-home assignments. This tool allows students to keep track of assignments and turn them in online.
  • Multiple Roles and Abilities with a Single Account: If you are a parent and a teacher at a school you won’t need two different accounts because ClassReach allows multiple roles for a single account.
  • Form Workflows for Notification and Approval Systems: Waiting for something to get approved no longer requires endless follow-ups and reminders because ClassReach has a notification and approval system that handles that for you.
  • Classroom and Time Period Management for Scheduling: ClassReach makes it simple for you to create a student’s schedule by displaying the time period and classroom for each course ensuring there are no time conflicts.
  • Schedules: ClassReach allows you to view and print schedules to easily determine where a student needs to be at any given time during the day.
  • Department Management Tools: With ClassReach working inside your department is easier than ever. Organize courses and create a department head for lesson plan approval in a flash.
  • Instant School Announcements: School-wide announcements, such as weather closures, are easily made and efficiently communicated with ClassReach. Instantly reach out to all teachers, admins, parents and students with a simple click.
  • Easy to Use School Documents Hub: Document sharing is easy and all in one place: share printable forms, new policies, student handbook, or even your code of conduct — giving easy access to anyone who might need it.
  • Student and Parent Self Service Tools for Grade and Information Viewing: ClassReach allows students and parents to view information on grading without the assistance from a teacher or admin making the process more convenient for everyone.
  • Customizable Academic Levels: With ClassReach you decide how the academic levels in your school are sorted. Students don’t have to be sorted in the traditional 1st-12th grade model because you are able to customize it however you would like.
  • Grades: Through ClassReach, grades are not only easily distributed but also completely customizable. If you want to replace letter grades with a numerical system it is completely up to you!
  • Attendance Markings: Attendance markings are customized in a breeze with ClassReach. Include notes of tardiness or excused/unexcused absences without skipping a beat.
  • Notification Tool: ClassReach doesn’t set up any hoops to jump through in order to stay in the loop. With the notification system staying up to date in your school is easier than ever.
  • Advanced Course and Section System to Manage Your Course Library: Need to add a new course? No problem! Simply create the new course, including all the details and course offerings then break the course into sections with the details like meeting times and course instructor.
  • School Application Process with Publicly Accessible URL: Classreach has pre-built application forms that can be used as-is or customized based on your school’s needs. All the info is linked into User and Family info forms to avoid having to input information multiple times within the same family.

ClassReach pricing reflects our desire to provide an excellent product and responsive support. Our pricing takes into account the number of students enrolled in your program as well as the features you’ll love most.


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Unlike other school management systems that function as several disjointed programs, ClassReach puts all of its features in one smooth integrated system.

This means that you only have to deal with one login, one application; one interface.

Here’s the list of just some of the things ClassReach can be used for:



  • In-house messaging system
  • Instructor document / file sharing
  • Student document / file submission
  • Student document / file sharing (when approved by teacher)


  • Custom grading parameters
  • Custom forms
  • In-house calendar events / tasks
  • Custom printable reports

Tracking / storing:

  • Grades
  • Attendance
  • Student information
  • Class / schoolwide information

No one likes using buggy, clunky, cluttered software. ClassReach was designed from the ground up to be as simple and easy to use as possible without sacrificing functionality or practicality.

Simple, yet robust.

We’ve given ClassReach a modern design language that will feel instantly familiar to new users. Since we’re a small team of developers, ClassReach also maintains a consistent look and feel throughout all of its sections.

One interface; all platforms.

We designed ClassReach to work in all major browsers so Mac and PC users alike wouldn’t have to worry about compatibility. The web portal was built to be mobile-friendly so you can interface intuitively from your tablet or phone as well.

Interfaces on Screens

An intuitive design for everyone involved.

Some school management systems require different logins for teachers, parents, administrators, and students, which can be a pain in the neck when a single person falls into more than one of those categories.

ClassReach saves you from this frustration by having four distinct yet synchronous roles:


Students have access to any classes they are currently enrolled in. While a student always has permission to submit an assignment to their teacher, they can also share handouts or other documents with an entire class when given permission.

Students can also message teachers, as well as individual classmates.


Parents can see all of the classes their children are enrolled in, along with any corresponding grades or assignments. They can also message teachers and admins when needed.

When approved, parents can submit assignments for their students.


Admins (or administrators) can view or manage any of the settings for the school as a whole, including courses, rosters,  and calendar events. They can also generate forms (disciplinary, lunch, etc.). In certain situations, an admin can also grant special permissions to users within other roles.


Teachers have access to any section they teach, which gives them permission to view and alter grades, upload handouts, and review student submissions. Unlike students, teachers can send messages to entire classes of students at once.

Within the teacher role are department heads. Department heads can view information for all of the classes within their department and approve lesson plans or assignment sheets uploaded by teachers.

While a student can only login as a student, anyone who fulfills multiple roles can use one account and switch easily between any of their given roles as they choose.