No two schools are the same. That’s why our school management software offers customization for

gradebooks, forms, attendance, and more.

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There’s a magical place where assignments, messages, reports, forms, calendars, and grades all get along. Its name is ClassReach.

Logging into your school management system shouldn’t feel like you’re going back to 1995. ClassReach was designed from the ground up to be clean, simple, and modern

Calling All Administrators

Make your 2020 yearly plan social distancing proof with our Free 2020 Academic Planner Guide. It’s packed with helpful advice to better prepare your school for the uncertainty that comes with ongoing efforts to control Covid-19. You’ll have a helpful roadmap to better plan for remote learning, classroom layout changes, and financial contingencies in the case of a school shutdown.

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Why did we develop school management software?

It starts with our story

The idea for the ClassReach came about when our founder encountered a problem. His children’s private school didn’t have a school management software that met their needs, so they were forced to use multiple software, most of which came with steep learning curves and a host of their own issues. When he looked for a software that could do the job, he couldn’t find one, so he decided it was time to build a new one from scratch. This software would eventually grow to become ClassReach.

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