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A Student Information System is a behind-the-curtain tool that keeps schools running smoothly.  In today's information-rich environment managing student data such as tuition, transcripts, and enrollment has never been easier. These systems act as personal assistants for k-12 and higher education administrators, serving as crucial points of contact to monitor student progress. Here are a few things to consider when looking for software like a student information system. 

Key Considerations:
  • Does the software Improve precision in your administrative responsibilities?
  • Can communication be improved across the school community?
  • Will the sis platform allow convenient retrieval of information like academic records, and enrollment details?
  • Does the SIS include analytics capabilities so administrators can produce tailored reports, and analyze data?

Student Information software is a priority for growing schools to manage student data effectively and improve operational efficiency. This essential software offers countless benefits, such as improving data management, providing data analytics, and schoolwide reporting capabilities. 

To improve your school's data management, consider implementing reliable and efficient student information software. Don't wait; start making data-driven decisions today!

Student information software

Features of a Student Information System

The features of a student information system vary across the software world!

Before you jump in, it is important to evaluate what you want this software to accomplish for your school. Consider, which features solve a problem.


Problem: Managing grades manually using paper records or spreadsheets can be inefficient and prone to data loss or entry errors.

Solution: The SIS allows teachers to input grades directly into the system, which calculates averages and generates report cards automatically.

We offer these features and more, check out our solutions to experience seamless integration.

When selecting the best student information system, You should consider software that is...


As a school, your SIS software must be user-friendly!

School software that is easy to use can provide benefits to your administrators such as: 

  • Saving time and improving productivity
  • Minimizing errors with clear and simple instructions
  • Increasing the adoption and utilization of the system for better data management and analysis
  • Providing easy access to information like attendance reports, student enrollment, and class rosters
  • Enable administrators to input and track student engagement and assessment data to easily measure student success

As a school you want your staff to adopt your new sis platform. Take the first step to ensure your system works for your community, by taking advantage of our free demo offer.

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A student information system that is customizable and flexible allows administrators to easily adapt to your school's unique needs and challenges.

Make sure the system allows your school to: 

  • Improve data accuracy and consistency by preventing duplicate entries
  • Automate and schedule time-consuming administrative tasks to reduce workload
  • Pre-set email templates for consistent communication during the admissions process
  • Support a variety of instructional approaches and varying grading pedagogies across your program offerings
  • Protect sensitive personal information by controlling who has access with roles and granular user permissions


Imagine your student information system is the lock for all your school’s sensitive information.

There are many threats schools face when their data is vulnerable.

From unauthorized access to information, and phishing/malware attacks, a student information system is a shield protecting your school's information. When deciding between SIS software, ask yourself is my school’s information going to be properly protected? 

Student Information Management


Premium support is the backbone of your student information management system.

Unlike ClassReach, most other software companies charge for support. But why should you pay for tech support for your new student management system? 

Here is why support and training are essential:

  • Grows administrative Knowledge
  • Ensures staff can troubleshoot and resolve issues
  • Encourages administrators to stay up to date with system improvements and changes
  • Provides guidance and best practices for using the system effectively
  • Boosts confidence and proficiency in using the student information system
Don't Forget to Compare Software Pricing Models.

Find Which is Best for the Future of Your School!

When comparing student information systems pricing, consider which type of software will fit your school's needs now and in the future.

There are three common pricing models for student information systems: 

A perpetual License allows the buyer to purchase the software once at a high upfront cost. Usually, a school pays a licensing fee which may be based on the number of devices on which the software needs to be installed. Perpetual Licenses often require costly upgrades to obtain the most current version of the product and may become challenging if your school needs support, training, or upgrades to physical software components like computers and tablets.

Open Source is free of licensing fees, effectively reducing the upfront cost to a school. Open Source will require a dedicated IT specialist to manage the technical aspects of integrating the software with other software that the school uses. Implementation, integration, and ongoing maintenance can be very costly for open-source student information systems. Premium Support is not typically available for open-source student information systems.

Subscription-based pricing models provide the most value to a buyer by allowing the school to enjoy lower upfront costs, premium support, and continually updated software for one low monthly cost. Schools choosing subscription-based pricing can avoid incurring large expenses when it becomes necessary to upgrade their technology or in the event of an unexpected computer loss; this is vital for smaller schools. Since subscription models usually offer support, no IT consultant is necessary.


Upfront Cost Perpetual License Open Source Subscription
Licensing Fee
Installation and Set Up
Recurring Cost Perpetual License Open Source Subscription
Maintenance and Updates
Premium Support depends on company
Subscription Fee
IT Consultant

ClassReach is a SaaS (SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE) company offering subscription-based student information systems, learning management and, school management system features. ClassReach provides premium support to its customers at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Our agile development methodology allows schools to enjoy new and updated features every two weeks! We provide simple and transparent pricing that is affordable to all schools!

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Software Implementation:

Tips for a Smooth Transition

Implementing a student information system (SIS) in your school can be overwhelming, but with proper planning and preparation, the transition can be smooth and successful!

Make the most of your SIS implementation by:
  • Defining goals and objectives for the SIS
  • Choosing a team to organize the implementation process
  • Training end-users in the use of the new system
  • Testing the system thoroughly before going live
  • Using support to help transition and resolve any issues that may arise
SIS Planning


Securing Student Information


As schools increasingly rely on technology to manage student data, it's important to keep that data secure. Manage your school's data security with these simple tips: 

  • Ensure each software complies with rules like FERPA and has strong passwords and encryption.
  • Set clear rules for handling each student record, including SIS logins. Train all users and regularly check if the rules are effective. 
  • Consistently monitor your system, test access levels and backup data.
  • Ensure any third-party companies handling your data also have security measures.

At ClassReach we conduct routine maintenance tasks such as backing up files and adhering to the latest regulations. In addition, our platform offers a powerful analytics module that enables administrators to monitor their data's health, giving them valuable insights into how their system is used.

Maximizing the Benefits of Your Student Information System

When your Student Information System (SIS) provides comprehensive coverage for you all your school management needs, your team can enhance its functionality and overall effectiveness. By using a comprehensive  school management system, you can:

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and costly associated payroll hours
  • Improve communication by allowing for real-time access and updates across multiple administrative teams
  • Increase the accuracy of information by data sharing student records across departments
  • Enhance reporting capabilities by aggregating data from various sources

Incorporating tools that build upon your student information system features allows for a more flexible approach to managing your data.

With ClassReach you can build a foundation for your entire faculty and improve the education experience across the whole school!


ClassReach Features

Streamline Your Administrative Processes and Cut Costs

Managing a school's operations is challenging for administrators when juggling multiple software tools. This approach has a price tag, a learning curve, and multiple logins, making it overwhelming to manage. Maintaining several software tools will also lead to budget constraints, forcing board members to deny other critical needs required by your school. Administrators can quickly become overwhelmed with trying to keep track of it all.

ClassReach simplifies your processes with an all-in-one solution and reduces your overall budget for software.

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The Benefits of All-In-One Software 

Did you know?

ClassReach schools have all their tools, data, and resources in one place! By using an integrated system that combines student information software, a learning management system, and a school management system, educators can streamline timely tasks, and boost student performance in surprising ways!

An integrated system allows administrators to:

  • Simplify tasks and reduce the time spent managing different software programs
  • Improve schoolwide communication with parents and faculty
  • Personalize learning in the classroom with customized lesson plans and assessments that appear on the guardian/student dashboard
  • Enhance collaboration and information sharing for data like student attendance records among teachers and parents
  • Improve efficiency and reduce printing/subscription costs associated with purchasing and maintaining multiple software programs

But that's not all! Our schools also enjoy:

  • Centralized access to essential help docs resources
  • Duplicate data entry removed from time-consuming tasks
  • Improved data security that safeguards sensitive student information like the login for a student portal
  • Comprehensive analytics for more informed decision-making
  • Scalability so the system evolves with the growing needs of your school

Discover the amazing benefits of ClassReach all-in-one management today for k12 schools to trade schools and more! 


ClassReach Testimonials 

"What I like most about this software is that it is user-friendly and affordable. We use this software for our small school to track grades, attendance, school calendar, and payments. There are other features available that we use less often including lesson plan tracking and discipline reports. As our school grows, we intend to capitalize on the availability of these options as well. Whenever we have had technical issues, customer service is very friendly and available to assist rather quickly."

CR-Logo only circle

Kara H.

Administrator | Switched from PraxiSchool

"Overall, Classreach has been a wonderful tool to use this year. I am very appreciative of the software, the ease of entering information, and the way it has improved communication with the parents and students. I love how easy it is to add homework and test quizzes. This has worked amazingly well when a student is absent from school to keep up. It also helps the students with organization and we have seen a lot less missing assignments since using the program."


Vivian S.

Teacher |

"Great option for private schools. As an online school, our needs are different from brick-and-mortar schools. The tweaks and customization the ClassReach developers have implemented for us have been so valuable and we are very grateful to have found such a relationship. We love how parental oversight is built into every aspect of this software. Transparency is very important to us, so the ability to see all student interactions and class materials is a must. Working with the developers and customer service is a breeze."


Grace J.

Assistant Superintendent | Switched from ThinkWave Educator

"ClassReach has been an amazing solution! It is convenient to use. It is also very intuitive. The agenda and task option has been a solution to many of our previous problems."


Kim B.

Director | Switched from Gradelink

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