A different kind of School Management Software- from a different kind of company

Founded in 2011, ClassReach prides itself on providing premium school administration and management software at a price that makes it accessible for any school’s budget. It’s all made possible through the efforts of our dedicated, mission-driven team.

Professionally Made, Passionately Provided

ClassReach- designed by DeyoGroup Inc., a small yet passionate team of programmers with the goal of bringing the best school management system possible to schools around the nation. With several decades of combined development experience, our team is constantly innovating and improving our software to better fit the needs of our partner schools.

How it All Started

Software for a school in need

The idea for ClassReach came about in 2011 when our founder encountered a problem. His children’s private school didn’t have a school management software that met their needs. It forced them to use multiple software platforms, most of which came with steep learning curves and a host of their own issues. The school administrators faced difficult decisions on what software features were necessary, and which they had to do without. When he looked for software that could do the job, he couldn’t find one. That’s when he decided to build a new one from scratch.

Building our software from the ground up meant having every feature educators need.

Built around the needs of educators

The goal was simple: Create a full-service school management software that provides teachers, students, parents, and administrators any tool they needed to succeed. From processing tuition payments to messaging between faculty, students, and parents- the software quickly became a preferred option for schools needing better solutions in the classroom. Large public schools and smaller private schools alike are now taking full advantage of the full suite of capabilities ClassReach provides, along with world-class technical support and training.

This software has grown over time to become ClassReach. We proudly continue to provide premium services to any schools K-12 looking for affordable software with premium features.

Want to learn more? Fill out your information on our contact page and we will be happy to tell you more about our software, and whether it would be a good fit to support your administrative and educational needs.