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Adaptable– In today’s changing world, adaptability isn’t a perk – it’s a necessity! No two schools are the same, that is why our school management software offers customization for grade books, forms, and more.

ALL Schools– We have experience working with schools of all sizes. Whether you are a large public school district small private school, local college, or anything in between! We have the resources to help your school succeed.

Integrated – Stop juggling between multiple tools! Unlike other school management systems that function as several disjointed programs, ClassReach puts all of its features in one smooth integrated system to save you the headache.

Simple Design – ClassReach was designed from the ground up to be clean, simple, and modern.

FREE Until Students are Enrolled – No setup charges or hidden fees. $0 a month until students are enrolled. After that, it’s just $4 per student, per month. If your school is 10 students or less, it remains free.

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