Integrated Account Management

Manage your student and family financial accounts in the same place you manage all of your day to day tasks. No more switching between multiple systems.


Quickly Create Financial Reports

Our easy to use Reports Engine will allow you to quickly and efficiently create your financial reports to keep your finances running silky smooth.


Create Charges and Accept Payments

Create balances, charges, and accept a variety of payments directly through ClassReach without the need for payment portals or additional software.


Customized Payment Plans

Set up customized schedules and payment plans for your students and families to choose from, then add charges to their account that are owed. ClassReach will take care of the rest!

What are the benefits of using the ClassReach Financial Suite?

Convenience and Simplicity

It has been a longtime goal of ClassReach to create a single source of software that can handle the majority, if not all, of the workload for your school. The financial suite is another step in that direction for us, allowing you to integrate tuition and incidental account management directly into the software that houses your gradebooks, student data, and everything else.

No more jumping from system to system and therefore forcing your parents and students to maintain a number of different accounts. The same account that can print student’s progress reports, download weekly agendas, or message teachers, can also make tuition payments based on your customized invoicing plans.

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Custom Payment Plans

With ClassReach Financials, you have the ability to customize your payment plans. Decide how often you want to receive payments and then choose the dates that payments can be made. Create multiple plans to offer your parents different options, such as one-time payments, semesterly payments, month to month, or however you want!

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Easy Account Management

Easily track and manage each of your family’s financial status with your school. Manually go in and add charges for particular students, or create large batch transactions that ClassReach will then distribute as needed to the proper accounts.


All In One

With ClassReach Financials, your families can now manage everything needed from a single account. No more mixing up passwords between sites, no more missing items because you looked in the wrong place. Everything can now be handled from within ClassReach’s easy to use interface.

Ready to Get Started with ClassReach Financials?

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FAQs about ClassReach Financial Suite

Will using ClassReach Financial Suite change my ClassReach bill?

No! Your ClassReach bill will not change due to using ClassReach Financial Suite. The only charges associated with it are per transaction charges. To learn more about these, please check out our ClassReach Financial Documentation.

Can ClassReach Financial Suite accept payments from our families?

Yes! The ClassReach Financial Suite can create an invoice, accept a payment, and track the financial back and forth between your school and your families.

What payment processors can we use with ClassReach Financial Suite?

The ClassReach Financial Suite is integrated with Stripe. To learn more about Stripe, please check out their About Page at

Is there a discount for non-profit organizations?

Yes, the payment processor, Stripe, does provide discounts for non-profit organizations on their per transaction percentages. To learn more about this, please contact Stripe at [email protected]